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HANDBALL. France – Switzerland: a balanced start to the match, follow the match live

France faces Switzerland this Sunday, January 14 on the occasion of the second day of group A of the preliminary round of Euro handball 2024. The Blues can confirm their superb entry into the running against North Macedonia (39-29 ).

6:30 p.m. – New Bellahcene stop (13-13)

The new goalkeeper of the Blues in this France – Switzerland makes a dream entry with two saves in a row. But opposite Portner also shines.

18:28 – France reassures itself (13-13)

Bellahcene comes into play and makes a first save which allows the Blues to quickly restart and punish on the counter thanks to Descat.

18:27 – Laube scores again, the Blues in difficulty (13-11)

He’s on fire. The Swiss pivot continues his recital and scores a sixth goal in this France – Switzerland.

18:26 – Already five goals for Laube (11-12)

The momentum is clearly Swiss! The Helvetii took the lead thanks to Laube before Portner made a decisive save. The Swiss could take two steps ahead.

18:25 – Prandi comes back well (10-10)

What a comeback from Prandi when the Blues had lost a dangerous ball. The Helvetii had the opportunity to move ahead.

18:23 – Switzerland returns (10-10)

The Blues’ two-goal lead has just melted like snow in the sun following Laude’s goal in this France – Switzerland. The Swiss are therefore back on the scoreboard.

18:21 – Mem has the hot hand (10-8)

Fourth goal for Dika Mem who shot five times in this France – Switzerland. The Blues maintain their two-goal lead.

18:18 – +2 for the Blues (8-6)

For the first time in this France – Switzerland, the Blues make a first gap thanks to Nedim Remili. In the process, Ludovic Fabregas must abandon his team for two minutes.

18:16 – Portner gains confidence (7-6)

The Blues could lead by two goals in this France – Switzerland but Timothey Nguessan came up against the Swiss goalkeeper who made another save.

18:14 – Portner wins (6-6)

The Swiss goalkeeper makes a superb save in front of Hugo Descat from seven meters away. Still 6-6 in this France – Switzerland.

18:13 – Nguessan provokes (6-6)

The number 17 of the French team approaches the area and obtains a 7-meter throw as well as a two-minute throw.

18:10 – Another change of leader (4-5)

Samuel Zehnder is successful and is found on the right wing and does not need to be asked to deceive the French goalkeeper. The Helvetians are once again in the lead in this France – Switzerland.

18:08 – The Blues are back in front! (4-3)

Thanks to two consecutive goals from Ludovic Fabregas, the French regain the lead at the start of France – Switzerland. The French pivot has just scored his 300th and 301st goal in the colors of the France team.

18:06 – Desbonnet’s excellent outing (2-2)

Superb intervention from the French goalkeeper while his Swiss counterpart tried to restart quickly. This allows the Blues to recover and get back on track in this France – Switzerland.

18:05 – Switzerland takes the lead (1-2)

For the first time in this France – Switzerland, the Helvetians take the advantage thanks to Lukas Laube.

18:04 – The Swiss response (1-1)

Lenny Rubin responds to Dika Mem and gives the Swiss the equalizer. The French goalkeeper was unable to do anything and seemed surprised by the strike from the Swiss number 4.

18:01 – Mem opens the score (1-0)

The first shot taken by Dika Mem ends up at the back of the cages. The Blues take the advantage in this France – Switzerland.

18:00 – And here we go! (0-0)

The referees kick off this France – Switzerland! The Blues can confirm and get closer to the main round of this Euro 2024 handball.

17:55 – Both teams enter the arena

Five minutes before the start of this France – Switzerland, the two teams returned to the floor of the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin to compete in this second day of the group stage of Euro 2024.

17:49 – The 350th of Karabatic

Nikola Karabatic will experience a special match during this France – Switzerland! Indeed, the French full-back will play his 350th match in the French colors. He is close to Thierry Omeyer who played 358.

17:42 – Change in the composition

Guillaume Gille made changes for this France – Switzerland. First day for Samir Bellahcene who joins the starting lineup. Timothey Nguessan is also a starter. Mahé, Lenne and Bolzinger are in the stands.

17:35 – The Blues could come very close to qualifying

In the event of success in this France – Switzerland, Guillaume Gille’s players would come very close to qualifying for the main round of this Euro 2024. The other match of the group will take place immediately, at 8:30 p.m., and will oppose Germany and North Macedonia.

17:28 – Hugo Descat on continuity?

He was the man of the match during the Blues’ first meeting in this Euro 2024 handball game. Hugo Descat scored seven goals and could confirm his excellent start to the competition in this France – Switzerland.

17:21 – A review of direct confrontations without appeal

This France – Switzerland is the fifth in history. The first four were won by the Blues but the last confrontation between the two teams was particularly close. France won by one goal (25-24).

17:14 – A difficult start for Switzerland

If the Blues started the competition with a card, the Swiss, for their part, were corrected by the host country, Germany. The Helvetians only scored 14 small points during the first day of this preliminary round of Euro 2024 (14-27).


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