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Happy! Jessica Mila is pregnant with her first child, she is 2.5 months pregnant


Jessica Mila is currently said to be pregnant with her first child. This was revealed by Jessica Mila’s mother, Magdalene Jane Baker.

He said that his child was indeed having two bodies. Jessica Mila’s pregnancy is already 2.5 months old.

“I think it’s only been 10 weeks. Yesterday she went to the doctor and said the doctor had been 10 weeks, yes, about 2.5 months,” said Magdalene Jane Baker quoted!nsertlive, Tuesday (5/9/2023).

So, did Jessica Mila go through a cravings phase? The mother explained that her child was experiencing a cravings phase. One of them is difficulty eating.

“When you don’t get drunk, you don’t get nauseous like other people. If you go far by car, you can’t stay for long, you’re just lazy,” he explained.

“Then if you eat, it’s a bit difficult to eat, yes, he prefers something fresh, like petis,” he continued.

The mother is very grateful because she is currently pregnant with her first child. He was also happy because his son had grandchildren.

“For me, if God gave him a man, praise God, if you love a woman, you are the same (grateful). Because what God has given is the best for all of us,” he added.

Jessica Mila and Yakup Hasibuan married on May 5, 2023 at the HKBP Rawamangun Church, East Jakarta.

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