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EntertainmentHappy that Rizky Febian is getting married soon, Sule: So someone cares

Happy that Rizky Febian is getting married soon, Sule: So someone cares


In the near future, Rizky Febian and Mahalini will get married. Sule, as a father, admits that he is not sad that his son will be left behind, who is about to embark on a new life.

“Why are you sad? Now I’ve been left behind, he works alone, is busy alone, he’s used to working, far from his parents, so we as parents have to understand,” said Sule when met in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta, yesterday.

Seeing Rizky Febian’s current figure, Sule remembers his youth when he was busy working at a young age and left his parents.

“So, if I’m sad, ‘Oh, Iky rarely comes home, he’s sad too,’ I remember I used to be like that too, my parents and I sometimes forgot, then I said, ‘Oh, that means Iky is really me,’ so that’s it,'” Sule said.

Sule admitted that he would be happy when Rizky Febian got married because after marrying Mahalini, his son would no longer live alone and someone would take care of him and pay attention to him.

“I believe Iky, he has been living on his own since he was 15 years old. Later he will have a wife, someone to give him coffee, someone to pay attention to him, someone to take him for a walk, we will set him free, they will already have their own lives,” he concluded.

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