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TechHarvard Scientist Claims Alien Object Found on Seabed

Harvard Scientist Claims Alien Object Found on Seabed


Hunter aliens from Harvard University, Avi Loeb, claims that he has found samples of an ‘alien object’ that comes from outside our Solar System.

He and his team, the Galileo Project, have completed their analysis of dozens of small spherulite fragments from 1M1, a meteroid that crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 2014 and is believed to have originated outside the Solar System.

Known for his claims that the asteroid Oumuamua is an alien ship, Loeb blends his outlandish claims of extra-terrestrial technology with science.

This leads him on an expedition to prove his faith in what he believes to be some sort of ship from an intelligent civilization outside the solar system.

The Galileo Project conducted an expedition in Papua New Guinea waters earlier this summer and recovered more than 700 spherulites.

57 of the 700 spherulites were analyzed and showed that five of the 57 small marbles “originated from molten droplets on the surface of 1M1 that were created when 1M1 was exposed to the intense heat of a fireball during friction in the air”

The five spherulites “show a compositional pattern of elements from outside the solar system that has never been seen before,” he said.

Loeb and his team were able to obtain spherulites from 1M1 using an instrument they created themselves. It looks like a sled and is equipped with magnets. The way to use it is to drag this tool across the seabed to catch small fragments of meteors.

The device sifts through all matter from under the sea and, using its powerful magnetism, collects only high quantities of iron and other compounds believed to be part of meteors that originate from outside the Solar System.

In April 2022, the US Space Command, the US space command, declassified a memo corroborating the claim that 1M1 had indeed come from interstellar space. This is based on the speed of the explosion which penetrated the sky in January 2014 before crashing into the Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, there is still no further statement regarding whether the spherulites are indeed traces of the presence of aliens.

“It is also possible that some of the (alien) technological components survived the consequences. My dream is to get a working part of the equipment produced outside Earth,” said Loeb.

*This article was written by Khalisha Fitri, a participant in the Merdeka Campus Certified Internship Program at detikcom.

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