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EntertainmentHave you followed yet? Adam Suseno, Inul Daratista's husband, finally has...

Have you followed yet? Adam Suseno, Inul Daratista’s husband, finally has Instagram


Adam Suseno, who is none other than the husband of singer Inul Daratista, finally has his own Instagram account.

The account named mas.adamsuseno currently has 11 thousand followers. And has posted eight photos on his Instagram account.

Adam Suseno’s first post was seen on September 21 2023. The father of one child posted a photo of himself.



The first post immediately received responses from netizens. They greeted Inul Daratista’s husband.

“Welcome to the club, Mr. Adam, who is romantic and has a thick mustache,” explained the billa**** account.

“Congratulations on your new Instagram, Mr. Former Commander,” said the betrs***** account.


“Finally,” explained the jels**** account.

“Finally, bro, Adam has an ig too,” said another account.

Previously, Inul Daratista made an announcement via her Instagram.

“Finally, Mas Adam has an Instagram too, guys, don’t bother following yoo rek! This is his account @mas.adamsuseno,” wrote Inul Daratista on her Instagram.

Adam Suseno and Inul Daratista are a couple who always attract attention. Before Adam Suseno had Instagram, Inul Daratista often showed off the cuteness of the two of them on his social media.

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