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WorldHe implies that in this real estate agency they are racist and...

He implies that in this real estate agency they are racist and the response they give him clarifies everything: they are.

The user @azizbalala.21 has published a comment about a real estate agency in which he stated that its workers were racist, something that the company itself has confirmed with the response it has given.

“Unprofessional real estate agency, using derogatory vocabulary towards people of other nationalities. I understand that clients put certain unethical conditions on them, but they should be more careful with their ways. The event that occurred could perfectly be reported for racial discrimination,” laments the user.

And adds: “I hope they reconsider their ways and be more professional”. The real estate agency’s response is a poem.

“The fault that Moroccans have a bad reputation among the local population is yours and not that of the real estate company.”a fact that is caused by the lack of personal hygiene, lack of cleaning in the majority of the homes that are rented to you and destruction in the homes,” the company begins by saying.

“I would like nothing more for this to change, but culture and the desire to integrate among the local population is conspicuous by its absence and I fear it will continue like this,” he says.

And more: “I would love it if, just as you have been so brave to post a bad review, lor were you also to come and show your face and to tell us how badly you have been treated at the real estate agency and I take this opportunity to encourage you to report any racist behavior that you may have noticed towards yourself or towards any of our clients.

“Behavior like yours does no good to your community.”. I think that perhaps you are the one who should reconsider and, by the way, if you dare to come to the office to voice your complaints face to face, which is how it is usually done around here…”, they conclude.

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