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‘Head of Climate Change and Zero Waste Department’ staff were created for metropolitan municipalities

Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate ChangeThe Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on the Norm Staff Principles and Standards of Municipalities and Affiliates and Local Administration Unions, prepared by

With the regulation, changes were made in the norm staff of the municipalities based on the data of the Address Based Population Registration System for the year 2021 of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK).

According to the population data, the procedures for raising the municipalities with an increasing population and which should be promoted to a higher group, and the procedures for municipalities whose population is decreasing and which should fall into a lower group were regulated in the regulation.

The group promotion processes of some municipalities were also carried out by evaluating the district center, industry or trade and tourism qualities.

In order to combat climate change and make zero waste practices permanent, a staff of “Climate Change and Zero Waste Department Head” was established in 30 metropolitan municipalities.

In this context, 51 provincial municipalities and municipalities with a population of more than 50 thousand were given the title of “Climate Change and Zero Waste Manager” and the establishment of these units was made compulsory.

“One Stop Service Point” was created for the residents of the town to receive municipal services from a single point, and the titles of “One Stop Department Head” and “One Stop Manager” were added to the civil servant staff register.

On the other hand, the titles of “Passenger Services and Corporate Communications Department Head, Special Transportation and Transportation Inspection Department” for affiliates, and “Map Manager, Innovation and Technology Manager, Special Transportation and Transportation Supervision Manager, Intelligent Transportation Systems” for municipalities other than metropolitan municipalities. Manager, Revenue Manager” cadres were also added by regulation.

Obligation to employ environmental engineers for provincial municipalities

With the additional article of the regulation, it is obligatory to have at least 2 environmental engineers or environmental officers in provincial municipalities and local administrations with a population of over 50 thousand, and at least 1 environmental engineer or environmental officer in local administrations with a population of 20-50 thousand.

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