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Health Minister Husband: It’s time to get the coronavirus out of our minds

After his visit to Bursa Governorship, he made a statement to the journalists. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, He gave information about the health investments of Bursa.

Stating that Bursa is one of the fastest growing provinces of the country, Koca stated that the city is also positioned as the health service delivery center of the Southern Marmara Region.

Explaining that the capacity increase and quality of Bursa City Hospital with 1355 beds, which came into service about 3 years ago, made a great contribution to health services, Koca said:

“During the pandemic period, it took our burdens to a great extent. We are currently continuing our advanced health services with the City Hospital, the 1520-bed High Specialization, the 900-bed Uludağ University Hospital and our state hospitals. We have a total of 18 constructions, two of which are currently under construction. Among these, we have a total of 18 constructions. We also have family health centers and 112 emergency stations. We will open the Çekirge State Hospital and the Harmancık District Integrated Hospital in 2023. In addition, our 42 health investments, 4 of which are hospital buildings, are at the project stage. These important projects include a 100-bed spastic children’s hospital, a 600-bed hospital There is also a central state hospital and a 150-unit oral and dental health hospital.

Emphasizing that citizens’ access to qualified health services is possible with the devoted health personnel who give their lives to these hospitals, Koca said, “Our health army in Bursa has reached a total of 28 thousand 15 people, 6 thousand 433 of which are physicians and dentists, as of this year. This number was 2 in 2002. A total of 6 thousand 781, of which 1,562 were physicians and dentists. In other words, we have increased our qualified human resources more than 4 times in 20 years. You can see a similar development in emergency health services. Our number of 112 emergency stations, which was 14 in 2002, is 92 as of last month. We have increased the number of ambulances from 20 to 145 with a 7-fold increase.” used the phrase.

“Covid services are closing gradually”

Mentioning the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, Koca continued his words as follows:

“Even though the coronavirus Pandemic, which has captured the world’s agenda for 2 years, is still on our agenda, it is time to put it out of our minds. From now on, we want to continue our daily life by being protected with personal protective measures and vaccination. We are safer because now we have the vaccine, we have the medicine. The number of cases is 3,200 as of yesterday. “In our hospitals and intensive care units, our patients are decreasing day by day, Covid services are closing gradually. We will discuss the point reached in the Pandemic and the current measures at the Scientific Committee that will convene on Wednesday this week. In my opinion, this meeting will be one of the most important meetings of the Scientific Committee.”

“Our pre-Omicron hospital load is now one in four in Turkey”

Minister Koca, who had a closed meeting with Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, later answered the questions of the journalists.

Minister Koca, upon a journalist’s question about the course of the Covid-19 outbreak, said:

“The Pandemic started to come out of our agenda day by day. As of yesterday, I can say that it has decreased to 3 thousand 200 cases, especially the lowest level since the last 1.5 years. Apart from this, the number of people who died yesterday was 17. In the last period, especially those who did not have a chronic disease , I can say that we do not have any patients who passed away. I can say that in this period, the Pandemic is gradually coming out of our agenda, and that there are no more patients in Covid intensive care beds in over 20 provinces, there are zero patients. In the coming period, personal precautions will come into play, not with restrictions, but more like the flu. We are entering a new era. Our pre-Omicron hospital load has now decreased to one-fourth in Turkey.”

“Approximately 11,500 residency student staff will be opened”

On the question of the specialty exam quotas, Minister Koca said, “As you know, this year, a law was passed by our parliament to regulate an unfair situation on the staff of the Ministry of Health, and it was approved by our President. In fact, we waited for that law to pass. We had previously informed the OSYM, As of last month. I would like to say that it can be announced by ÖSYM today. There will be a staff of approximately 11,500 specialist students. Good luck.” used the expressions.

Minister Koca, on the question of domestic insulin production, said:

“There are 16 types of insulin related to insulin, related to the treatment and protection of total diabetes. We made a call about it. It has been a call that makes up 85 percent of the insulins currently used in the market. We will be supporting R&D studies for others. “We want to produce insulin since then. There is this infrastructure in Turkey. Apart from that, we are making a call for an insulin sensor and an insulin pump in the near future. We want to localize this sensor and pump and start it early for type-1 diabetes, especially for our children.”

Reminding that there are 3 vaccines they called before, Koca said, “Hepatitis A, chicken pox and rabies. We have come to the last point. With technology transfer, these 3 vaccines will be produced from the cell to be produced in Turkey. In the coming period, especially in the field of hygiene and biotechnology, local investment can be made. Let’s watch the news carefully.” said.

“We have nearly 50 cases in Bursa right now”

Minister Koca gave the following answer to the question about the number of Covid-19 cases in Bursa:

“We have close to 50 cases in Bursa right now, and the number of intensive care patients has gradually decreased. We have reached the lowest figures of the last 1.5 years. I have just stated that 6 people died in the last 7 days. That is, the number of deaths gradually decreased. “I would like to say that the number of people who died is mostly elderly people with an additional disease. I hope we will reach zero in the coming weeks.”

During the visit, AK Party Bursa Deputies Hakan Çavuşoğlu, Mustafa Esgin and Osman Mesten, Provincial Health Director Fevzi Yavuzyılmaz, AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan and other interested parties took part.

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