Thursday, 21 September 2023
WorldHer mother tells her what she is going to make the dog...

Her mother tells her what she is going to make the dog eat and the outcome is pure fantasy

Some of the WhatsApp conversations between parents and children could perfectly be placed in a museum. Above all, those that, as soon as they are shared on social networks, end up triumphing for obvious reasons.

But what has happened to Twitter user Marina Guillén It goes a step further and that is that, after her mother stayed with her dog Mia, she received a message that left her almost speechless.

After capturing the part of the conversation, the protagonist has shown how her pet is having a much better time than she could have thought at first.

His mother sent him a WhatsApp with what she was going to make for food for the dog and, of course, he was amazed. “Marina, I’m going to make lentils cooked with carrots, zucchini and some potatoes for Mia. As a garnish with shredded grilled hake,” she said.

His daughter’s reaction, as expected, was one of utter surprise. “Mom, when the dog comes back she won’t love me,” she ironized.

But, not content with it, her mother ended up confessing something else about what she is doing these days with the dog. “Sometimes I give him a little bit of watermelon or half a banana,” she justified.

After the second message, the Twitter user could not be more emphatic. “She definitely won’t want to live with me,” she noted.

Some people have felt totally identified with what has happened to the protagonist and some have even joked that they share a mother “without knowing it.”

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