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Hesti Purwadinata Medicine for Trauma and Makes Edo Borne Smitten to the point of Wanting to Marry Again


Edo Borne, 7 years old, put up a wall so that he no longer wants to know the name of marriage after divorcing from his previous partner. Edo Borne’s trauma with marriage disappeared even more after getting to know Hesti Purwadinata.

“Yes, in the past I was really traumatized by getting married, so yes, I was a widower for seven years,” said Edo Borne when filling out Trans7’s FYP seen on Saturday (20/10/2023).

The 43 year old actor said he felt like he had received guidance. At that time he heard advice on the radio and it kept ringing in his ears.



“Actually, I heard guidance on the radio saying, if you want to be right, if you want to be good, build a family. That’s always in my head. I want to, but at that time it was still, ‘Well, who are you with?’ “Finally saw Hesti on one of the sports programs on Trans 7 at that time,” he said while laughing at Hesti Purwadinata.

However, Edo Borne’s efforts to get to know Hesti Purwadinata were quite difficult. Even the manager himself seemed reluctant to introduce and bring himself together with Hesti Purwadinata.

“I asked to introduce myself to my manager, but my manager didn’t give it to me at that time. Until finally we met at another event, he was at that event too, but on different paths,” said Edo Borne.

“I’ve been told by the manager, I just (gave a response) ha-ha-ha. At that time there were a lot of people approaching us,” said Hesti.

Hesti Purwadinata and Edo Borne just celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. Photo: Chelsea Olivia Daffa

Edo Borne, who fell in love with Hesti while watching the Sport7 evening program, is sure he can get to know her. Edo Borne even held the manager at gunpoint to call Hesti in front of him.

“Finally I asked my manager, ‘Let’s call right now’. He called, if someone knows you, he’ll give it to me. Here he was chatting (with Hesti on the phone) and then hung up. How come he didn’t recognize me? ‘Well, the person already wants to get married’,” recalled Edo.

“‘But I was told to bring the prospective groom’. Really aggressive,” he explained.

At that time, Edo Borne’s manager also mentioned Hesti Purwadinata via Twitter and introduced the two artists. The introduction continued with Edo sending a DM to Hesti asking for a BB pin.

It wouldn’t be Hesti Purwadinata and Edo Borne if there weren’t stories that were out of the ordinary.

“Ask for the number at the massage, ask for the BB pin, date of birth, KTP number, height, weight, body. What is this person trying to do? I just gave him the BB pin, then he says, ‘Why don’t you answer me the date of birth?’ (I answered) ‘If we all knew what would we talk about?'” said Hesti Purwadinata laughing.

Watching Iwan Fals’ concert was the first time they had a date. Even when Edo was picked up at the apartment, Hesti Purwadinata’s assistant gave a poor assessment of Edo.

“My assistant was there at that time, he was on the team Monte‘Oh, no, Sis. Kureng I think,” joked Hesti.

Now, Hesti Purwadinata and Edo Borne’s marriage is 13 years old. Hesti Purwadinata is truly a healer for Edo Borne’s trauma with marriage.

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