Thursday, 21 September 2023
IndiaHindenburg Report | After Adani, Hindenburg accuses 'this' 35-year-old Russian billionaire,...

Hindenburg Report | After Adani, Hindenburg accuses ‘this’ 35-year-old Russian billionaire, know the case | leader

Leaders Online Desk: Hindenburg made serious allegations of embezzlement at the Adani group of Indian businessman Gautam Adani. Following this, Hindenburg’s recently released report has made serious allegations against a Russian billionaire’s company. The Hindenburg Report recently presented a serious allegation of fraud against Russian billionaire Timur Turlov.

Hindenburg Research is an American investment research firm. A recent report by the organization has accused Kazakhstan-based retail brokerage firm Freedom Holding Corporation of fraud. The Hindenburg Report has been disclosed by Hindenburg on Tuesday (29th).

US-based short seller Hindenburg Research has accused ‘Freedom Holding Corporation’ of manipulating its own stock price and collecting revenue by pooling customer funds. The report also explains that the expansion of Freedom Holding has increased significantly since Igor Sechin, the former chief of staff of Russian President Putin, bought the bank from Russian oligarchs. Sechin has been described as the second most important figure in Russia after Putin (Hindenburg Report).

Hindenburg Report on ‘Freedom Holding’ alleged fraud

Billionaire Timur Turlov, a Kazakh businessman of Russian origin, is the CEO of Freedom Holding Corporation. It is a Kazakhstan based retail brokerage company. The company was founded in Moscow in 2008 and later settled in Kazakhstan. The company currently operates in Central Asia, Europe and the US. ‘Timur Turlov’ is the CEO of ‘Freedom Holding Corporation’ since 2021 Forbes billionaires list (Hindenburg Report) are.

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