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WorldHiram Peón: Texas shows the sample, gender change in children

Hiram Peón: Texas shows the sample, gender change in children

Comparisons are hateful. However, parents, we fall into that mistake, many times, during life. Above all, when we meet other parents who only talk about how wonderful their children are and the incredible scholarships they have at ITESM or UDEM, to say the least.

I don’t know if it’s envy or frustration. But it is an emotion that is born and remains there, flickering in some part of the body, and we end up comparing our offspring with those luminaries who are the children of the, not very discreet, friends who frequent us.

The same goes for cities. Many residents from other states are attracted by the wonders that are experienced in the cities of Nuevo León.

Above all, now that our governor has started a political campaign, full of lies (how strange, lies are not even told in political campaigns), which opens the door for him to be Morena’s candidate for the presidency in 2030, and if he can, before. How about it launches in 2024.

But, just as they envy us, for the miracles that our governor has generated, for Nuevo León. Miracles that not even his family believes in.

Thus, in the same way, we look towards other places and we cannot but recognize that we also want to live the changes that we see in those other places.

According to information that has circulated in the international media. The state of Texas put into force on September 1 Law SB14. This law was signed by the Governor of Texas on June 2. This law prohibits American doctors from providing medical care for minors seeking to change their gender, including puberty-blocking therapies and hormone therapy.

For one simple reason. Minors do not have the mental capacity, conscience, or judgment to decide changes of this nature in their bodies.

Faced with this law, many families protested and tried to protect themselves, but the judicial system of that country remained firm before the spirit of the approved law.

With this law, the state of Texas becomes the largest state, among the 20 that have banned gender-affirming care, to pass such a law.

For its part, the Campaign for Human Rights declared a state of emergency for the LGBTQ+ community in the United States and published a guide to what they call “discriminatory laws in each state.”

Another law that came into effect is SB 12, which prohibits what is known as Drag shows, that is, performances with explicit sexual content.

Bill SB 12 criminalizes sexual acts involving minors. The law prohibits real or simulated touching, real or simulated arousal, and the display of sex toys if done in a “lewd” manner in front of a minor or in a public place.

Of course, this law sparked outrage from the LGBTQ+ community. Critics argued that the definition is so broad that it could include Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

During a two-day court hearing earlier this week, drag performers and their advocates claimed the new law threatened their livelihoods and will censor their freedom of expression.

Additionally, a law was approved that protects athletes. The Save Women’s Sports Act (SB 15) will require college athletes to play sports that match their “biological sex” indicated on their birth certificate. This law applies to Texas public universities and follows a similar law passed in 2021, HB 25.

In summary. Doctors, in the state of Texas and in 19 other states in the US, will not be able to contribute with surgery or any treatment to a minor trying to change her gender.

The theaters and public events will not allow the shows to be sexually explicit or simulated, in the presence of minors.

Only people of the same sex may compete in competitive sports.

With these measures, the US government intends to protect children and young people, so that, lacking criteria, they do not make decisions about their own bodies.

And the same happens with women, who face unfair competition, when competing with people who were born men and pretend to compete with women.

And we in Mexico, what are we doing? What are our legislators doing on these issues?

We do not protect our children and young people from textbooks that attempt to show gender change as normal.

We have to become aware of what we risk with our indifference and by electing legislators who do not have the country as a priority.

Let’s not lose hope, or faith, until next time.

The author is an expert in corporate communication and crisis situations. He has an MBA from ITESM.

Contact: [email protected]

Twitter: @Hirampeon

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