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TechHistoric ruling: US Court opens possibility of Mexico's lawsuit against arms manufacturers

Historic ruling: US Court opens possibility of Mexico’s lawsuit against arms manufacturers

WASHINGTON (apro).– The Federal Court of Appeals for the First District of the state of Massachusetts ordered a ruling that opens the possibility for the Mexican government to continue with its lawsuit against United States weapons manufacturers, which represents a temporary victory for the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in its intention that, at a bilateral level, responsibility be assumed in the transfer of US weapons and ammunition.

“The judgment of the District Court establishes that the opposition to the claim of the United Mexican States that the Protection of Legal Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) does not allow it to continue with the proceedings is reversed. consistent with his complaint against the arms manufacturers,” maintains the argument of the Court of Appeals.

This victory of the López Obrador government in the US courts is not the last word in the case.

The arms manufacturers sued by the Mexican government have the option of requesting the same Court to review the case in a plenary session made up of the 15 judges of the Court of Appeals.

In parallel, the American gunsmiths, even if the Court of Appeals favored the Mexican government in their complaint, could appeal to the highest judge of the United States.

The Supreme Court of Justice of the United States would be the last instance to determine the procedure of Mexico’s lawsuit that asks to hold arms manufacturers responsible for empowering drug trafficking cartels and Mexican organized crime that in recent years have bathed of blood to the country.

“This is a great and historic victory for Mexico in our fight to expose the responsibility of United States weapons manufacturers in the violence that the country has suffered for years,” Alejandro Celorio Alcántara, legal consultant for the Ministry of Defense, told Proceso. Foreign Affairs and in charge of this lawsuit in Massachusetts.

The lawsuit against the United States gunsmiths was one of the actions taken by the SRE under the direction of Marcelo Ebrard, in charge of the strategy of obtaining greater cooperation from Washington to stop the flow of weapons and ammunition that runs from north to south.

In the lawsuit, Mexico accused weapons manufacturers of being indirect accomplices of organized crime by knowing that a percentage of their products is part of the chain of illicit arms trafficking to our country and by not modifying their marketing policies.

In October 2022, the Boston Court had for the second time rejected the Chancery’s attempt to initiate the trial, alleging that gun manufacturers – including the giants Barrett, Beretta, Colt and Glock – operate under the protection of a law that exempts them from the damages generated with their lethal merchandise.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry appealed the decision in March of last year, before the Federal Court of Appeals, which today opened the possibility for the Mexican government to continue its lawsuit.

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