Thursday, 22 February 2024
WorldHouthi missile attack on cargo ship |

Houthi missile attack on cargo ship |

Sanaa: Aden coast in Red Sea, which continues to be a conflict zone Houthi missile attack on American cargo ship late on Thursday should Eagle J under the Connecticut-based company in the US. The attack took place on a ship named Bralter.

Backing Israel in the Gaza Strip and Patrolling the Red Sea The frigate USS Laboon arrived in the region on Sunday evening. By 4.45 the Houthis were firing missiles. However, before reaching the target, the American warplane landed on the coast of Hudaydah. The US Central Command informed that the missile was destroyed.

Kappa to Israel to protest the continued offensive in Gaza Following the Houthi attack on Luq through the Red Sea Yula cargo movement has been disrupted for days. In response to this, the Houthis under the leadership of America and Britain Air raids were conducted in Nika centers last week. However, the Red Sea invasion did not stop Israel’s aggression. Houthi spokesman Muhammad Abdussalam repeated that.

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