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How Civil Protection alert messages work and since when have they been used?

The Community of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha are on red notice due to the arrival of an Isolated Depression at High Levels (DANA) that will leave torrential rains. Given this, the Civil Protection organizations of the Spanish capital have decided to send a telephone alert to citizens.

“Civil Protection Alert from the Security and Emergency Agency 112 (ASEM 112). Due to the extreme risk of storms in the Community of Madrid today, we are at level 1 of the Flood Plan (INUNCAM)”, points out the warning. “Do not use your vehicle if it is not strictly necessary and stay at home attentive to further information updates. Please only call 112 in case of emergency. National Alert Network – ASEM 112”, he adds.

Some citizens have had a double “scare” when receiving the message on two consecutive occasions, in Spanish and in English, and some have even assured that they have been alerted “out loud”, as reported by EFE.

The European EU-Alert system, integrated into the National Alert Network, aims to notify citizens of major emergencies and send the population information and self-protection advice. And it is operational since February 1 of this year.

EU-Alert is a protocol for broadcasting and receiving alerts that works using cell broadcast technology (cell broadcast), which allows mobile phone antennas located in a defined area (the emergency area) to send the message to the mobile phones that receive their coverage.

The Government has implemented the alert system, in collaboration with the Civil Protection services of the autonomous communities, in a joint project of the ministries of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the Ministry of the Interior, as part of the National Alert Network ( RAN) of Civil Protection.

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