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How much money do I need to go to the October Festival?

The October Festivities have been going on for six days since their grand start and many families, friends and couples plan their visit to the long-awaited event in which they can enjoy various concerts both in the Benito Juárez Auditorium and in Palenque.

If within your plans weekend or during the week do you plan to attend and you’re wondering how much money you need to spend a day of fun between music, food and mechanical games, Below we will resolve that doubt.

How much money do I need to go to the October Festival?

Admission to the Festival costs $50 pesos for adults and $20 pesos for children.

Suppose you go as a couple, you would be spending a hundred pesos for the entrance alone, now, if you decide to go to a taquito stand you should know that each taco is nothing more and nothing less than $20 pesosthen depending on your hunger and the tacos you eat.

Games are managed by ticketeach It costs $20 pesos and in each game they ask for around 3 tickets.which is equivalent to approximately sixty pesos for each game.

If your favorite place has always been the Blue Marble and you don’t want to miss what this year presents, then prepare yourself with some 40 pesos more for income, this cost in general, for adults and children.

If you feel like a bottled water or soft drink, These also have a cost of twenty pesos, now, if your thirst is bad and you crave a cold beer or a micheladahave on hand $120 pesos.

So let’s do the math:

  • 100 pesos entrance fee
  • 160 pesos of tacos, assuming that each one eats 4
  • 80 pesos in two tickets for the Blue Marble
  • 240 in two micheladas

So far and without counting the games, you are spending around $580 pesosso, considering what you can spend on the attractions, you will probably invest one thousand to two thousand pesos.

Now that you have this information, prepare your wallet and once in the October Holidays, think carefully about your choice of games or activities you want to do.



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