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TechHow to activate the new 'anti-theft' feature on your iPhone

How to activate the new ‘anti-theft’ feature on your iPhone

The latest iPhone update adds a handy feature to protect you in the event of theft. We explain how to activate and configure it.

No need to worry anymore if your iPhone is stolen? In any case, this is what Apple wants with the latest update of iOS 17.3 which was delivered during the month of January 2024. The latter adds several small features to your iPhone and in particular the possibility of strengthening the security of the device in the event of theft. We’ll explain it to you.

How does iPhone theft protection mode work?

Introduced with update 17.3, theft protection feature is available on many iPhone models, including the iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 series, iPhone XS, iPhone XR and the 2nd and 3rd generation iPhone SE.

It allows your iPhone to detect when it is not in a place you frequent regularly. This could very well be your home, your workplace or even the home of a friend who you visit frequently.

When the iPhone detects that it is in an unfamiliar area, it automatically activates “Face ID” facial recognition to use certain features. This helps prevent potential thieves from accessing your data or deleting your credentials from the device!

How to activate iPhone theft protection mode?

To activate this new feature, go to the “settings” application on your iPhone. You will find all kinds of settings for your device there, but we will particularly focus on the “Face ID and code” part.

Be careful, however: once the feature is activated, you will need to use Face ID to access several settings on your iPhone. This can therefore be very annoying if you are in the habit of lending your device to a loved one or if you regularly travel to locations that you are not used to visiting.

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