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Entertainment“Humiliations” during castings and unforeseen sex scenes... Audrey Fleurot (HPI) recounts her...

“Humiliations” during castings and unforeseen sex scenes… Audrey Fleurot (HPI) recounts her setbacks as a young actress

Back in season 4 of HPI this week, on TF1, Audrey Fleurot recently spoke about the freedom of speech in a world of cinema that mistreats its actresses…

Even recognized actresses struggled at the start of their careers. And it’s not Audrey Fleurot who will say the opposite. The actress, who is in the heyday of TF1 in the television series HPI, back this week for a new 4th season, had already confided in the columns of Paris Match a few years ago that she had a bad experience with the phase of auditions when she was hoping to land a role in her early days. “It wasn’t my thing. I found it very violent. We were put in the worst possible conditions. We had to endure humiliation as if we had to be some kind of warriors. And since I get angry quickly, how proud I am, I slammed the door,” said the actress about her first castings.

Audrey Fleurot was finally spotted through another means: the theater. “I started touring only because people saw me in the theater and offered me projects,” she told the celebrity magazine. In a world of cinema more violent than it seems, she will have personally experienced the transformation of women into objects, ensuring that her red hair has, for example, “for a long time been a handicap” which earned her “seconds – even third roles”.

The actress will not say more about the “humiliations” suffered during castings, but in the midst of the #MeToo wave in the cinema, her statements will be noticed. The recent comments she made, at the end of April this time, still in Paris Match, will certainly be just as true. Audrey Fleurot returned to the condition of young actresses on film sets, with another personal anecdote: a sex scene that she was forced to shoot against her will, even though she was new to the profession. .

“I am lucky not to have been the victim of aggression within my profession, but I have been confronted, like everyone else, with abuse of power or questions about my professionalism,” said she told the magazine. “When you are a young actress, you don’t really know what you are entitled, or not, to ask of yourself. Once, I had the feeling that something was being stolen from me and I swore to myself that it would wouldn’t happen to me again,” she added.

If she did not reveal the film and the director in question, the main actress of HPI described how the trap closed on her at the time. “A director had not explained to me the nature of a sequence, and I realized at the last moment that it was a sex scene. Faced with my reluctance, he asked me: ‘T’ Are you an actress or are you not an actress?’ And added: “I was at the back of the wall, with no one to help me. I gave up, but I was in a lot of trouble when I got home.”

Audrey Fleurot says she explained this “balance of power” the next day with the director and is delighted with the liberation of speech underway in the world of cinema, which “today allows young people to decide where they want to set the limits.

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