Wednesday, 17 April 2024
India'If you fail, eliminate America and South Korea'; Kim Jong Un...

‘If you fail, eliminate America and South Korea’; Kim Jong Un orders the military | leader

Leaders Online; North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has expressed his anger at the US and neighboring South Korea. North Korea’s dictator, who has been constantly launching military spy satellites, has told his military to be ready. Kim Jong has ordered his military to wipe out the US and South Korea if they try to provoke them. The state media of North Korea has given information about this on Monday.

Will build more and more nuclear weapons: Kim Jong Un

The election for the post of the President of the United States is likely to be held in the month of November 2024. Against that backdrop, it is believed that more weapons may be tested by North Korea this year. Last week, during a five-day meeting of the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un said he would launch three more spy satellites this year, build more nuclear weapons and develop attack drones. North Korea is said to be developing and testing weapons to increase pressure on the US in the future.

Kim Jong Un held a meeting with the commanding officers of the military on Sunday. It is necessary to keep nuclear weapons and bombs ready for national security. Kim Jong emphasized this point and said that if provoked by the US or North Korea, it is alarming that our military will unhesitatingly mobilize all its resources and launch a counterattack to wipe them out.

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