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If you keep the cat locked in the house, won’t it get bored?

Melbourne. The veterinary associations of Australia and America recommend keeping cats indoors to keep them and wildlife safe. However, a boring indoor environment cannot possibly satisfy cats’ need for mental stimulation. So how do we keep cats indoors to keep them safe and happy? The five domain model is a good place to start when considering animal welfare.

These five domains are as follows:-
1) Nutrition – Cats need the proper amount of food and water.
2) Physical environment, which includes temperature, floor, noise, light.
3) Health – injury, illness, disability
4) Behavioral interactions with people and other animals, including the ability to decide whether or not to engage in particular activities at any given moment.
5) Mental state which includes emotions such as hunger, pain, fear and comfort which is an overall assessment of the subjective welfare state of the animal.

Keeping a cat confined to a confined space removes the option of being inside or outside. An animal’s sense of control over its life is an important aspect of its well-being, so how can we compensate for the loss of this function? Make better decisions – find out what the experts think. There are many ways to meet your cat’s needs at different prices. Most methods help meet the cat’s behavioral needs. Some people also talk about other needs like environment or nutrition. All of these will contribute to your cat’s well-being.

Free Solution :-
Even if you are struggling with the cost of living, you can still provide a great environment for your cat at very low cost or even free of charge. Some scientific evidence has been found behind ‘Cat’ music. And it is available on YouTube. This will help in meeting their environmental needs. ‘Puzzle feeders’, which you can buy or make yourself. Cats are hunters so they work to find their food. Puzzle feeders can be a good way to help meet their biological needs.

Playing with a pet cat for five minutes can help reduce their behavior problems, so make sure to take some time every day to play with them to meet their needs. Even though you may find it strange, it will prove to be very useful for your pet cat. Remember, every cat’s behavior is different. Things that are beneficial for some cats may not be beneficial for your cat. Try preference testing – which can help the cat choose between different options or environments.

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