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Iggy Azalea criticized, allegedly alluding to the Prophet during a concert in Saudi Arabia


Netizens cursed Iggy Azalea after holding her concert in Saudi Arabia. This happened after he allegedly sang a song with lyrics insulting Islam.

The Australian rapper performing in Saudi Arabia fulfilled an invitation to appear at the e-sport tournament, Gamers8 on Boulevard Riyadh City.

Iggy Azalea sang a number of songs, one of which was Goddes which later became controversial. In the song, he asks the audience to ‘bow down to the goddess’.

As reported by Middle East Eye, Iggy Azalea also shouted, “Women, speak up, this is a woman’s world!”

Not only that, Goddest is considered to have lyrics that insult Islam because the lyrics are considered insulting to the prophet.

“Preaching about prophets, it ain’t no one man can stop us, bow down to a goddess,” Iggy Azalea sings.

Iggy Azalea’s concert actually didn’t actually end because it was stopped first. He said he couldn’t finish his performance.

“Saudi Arabia please let everyone know at tonight’s event… I LOVE YOU,” tweeted Iggy Azalea, as reported by People.

“I deeply regret not being allowed to finish the show,” he continued. Unfortunately, the tweet has now been deleted.

Iggy Azalea blamed the incident on the promoter.

“We all wanted to continue but weren’t allowed by the authorities because my trousers were torn,” said Iggy.

“That was the decision of the police at the side of the stage,” said Iggy Azalea in a tweet on social media answering her fans’ questions.

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