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WorldIn the Évole documentary, Josu Ternera attributes a murder for which he...

In the Évole documentary, Josu Ternera attributes a murder for which he was never prosecuted

The former leader of ETA José Antonio Urrutikoetxea, Josu Ternera, is credited in the documentary directed by Jordi Évole for his intervention in the 1976 murder of the mayor of Galdakao Víctor Legorburu, a crime for which he was never prosecuted and which was dismissed by the Law of Amnesty of 1977.

As published this Thursday by the newspaper “El Correo”, the documentary “Don’t call me Ternera”, which premieres next week at the San Sebastián Festival, “begins with an interview with former Galdakao municipal police officer Francisco Ruiz” who was shot how much he tried to protect Legorburu.

In the documentary Évole shows Ruiz the “images in which ‘Josu Ternera’ acknowledges his involvement in the crime” and the former municipal police officer “comments on what those words suggest to him,” the newspaper notes.

Three members of ETA were prosecuted for Legorburu’s murder, but “never Urrutikoetxea,” says El Correo, which specifies that there was no conviction since with the approval of the Amnesty Law in 1977, “that and other crimes received a free dismissal.” “.

Zinemaldia noted on September 7 in a statement that the film, which has generated strong controversy, “provides a hard and unprecedented look” at Urrutikoetxea’s career as leader of ETA, addressing some of the decisive moments of the terrorist group. and even “allows a victim to solve unknowns about the attack he suffered almost 50 years ago.”

For the murder of Legorburu, Isidro Garayalde, Mamarru, was prosecuted in 1977; Joaquín Villar Gurrutxaga, Fangio, and José Miguel Retolaza, Exequi.

The court order noted that “two other people who participated” in the attack remained unidentified.

The commando formed by these three terrorists and the two unknown men was also involved in the murder of the mayor of Oiartzun Antonio Echeverria in 1975, and in that of the mechanic José Antonio Galarza in 1976, which ETA itself recognized that “it had made a mistake because the objective “He was the mayor of Zizurkil”

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