Friday, 22 September 2023
IndiaIndia's Space Mission : India's ability to derive financial benefits from space...

India’s Space Mission : India’s ability to derive financial benefits from space missions; Same thing in Modi’s mind; Former commander of ISS claims | leader

Leaders Online Desk : India’s Space Mission : India has made itself a strong position through various space missions. India can gain huge commercial and economic benefits through these space missions. Also the Indian people are sure to profit from the business for space missions. So claim, the former commander of the International Space Station and the Apollo murders Author Chris Hadfield has done Kris has also said that he has the same thing in the mind of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After the success of Chandrayaan 3, India has successfully launched Aditya L1 for Sun Mission (India’s Space Mission). Hadfield expressed his opinion on this Aditya L1 mission. He said, in less than one lifetime we have seen GPS satellites, weather satellites, telecommunications, lunar missions, sun missions. No more space races. So there will be competition in the future to see who can use this technology to turn space mission-based businesses into financial benefits. All participating countries and companies can benefit from this. India has established its leading and strong position in this field.

India’s Space Mission: It seems that PM Modi had all this in his mind for many years

Hadfield said, ‘I think this has been on Prime Minister Modi’s mind for many years. They are directly involved in every program of India’s space and research institutes. This seems like the right and smart move at this time. They are developing this sector and privatizing it. This will benefit businesses and thereby benefit the Indian people.

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