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TechInstagram Has a Hidden Game, Here's How to Play It

Instagram Has a Hidden Game, Here’s How to Play It


Instagram has been known as a photo and short video sharing platform. Who would have thought that there was an Instagram application games confidential.

This game is hidden in the direct messages (DM) menu. The game itself is very simple, similar to the classic game Pong where players have to bounce objects on the screen so they don’t fall.

To TechCrunch, an Instagram spokesperson said the game was released to make Meta’s application more fun. However, he did not provide further information about its availability.



According to detikINET monitoring, this game can now be played on the Instagram application for Android and iPhone in Indonesia. But it seems this secret game is not yet available to all Instagram users.

How to play hidden games on Instagram

  • Open the Instagram application then open the DM menu by swiping to the left or tapping the DM icon in the top right corner
  • Open one of the chats in DM Instagram
  • Send any emoji in chat
  • Tap the emoji that has been sent and the game screen will be displayed automatically.
Instagram secret game display Photo: Screenshot/detikINET

To play the game, simply slide the blocks at the bottom left and right to reflect the emojis on the screen so they don’t get far away. The higher the score, the faster the emoji will move and the background color will become darker.

You can continue playing this game over and over again to beat the highest score which will be saved in all DMs. So you don’t need to look for a DM containing the first emoji sent to start the game. You can also start the game by clicking on an emoji sent by another user in DM.

It’s worth noting that contacts are sent emojis in DM Instagram may not know that you are trying to activate a secret game. So it’s best to tell the contacts you want to send the emoji to so they don’t get confused.

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