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Iran Elections 2024: Voting begins for the first parliamentary elections after widespread protests in Iran.

Dubai. Voting began on Friday in Iran’s first parliamentary elections in 2022 following widespread protests against laws mandating hijab. Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 84, will be among the first voters to cast his vote in the election. Through this voting, members of the country’s ‘Assembly of Experts’ will also be elected. In the event of Khamenei’s resignation or his death, it will be the responsibility of the ‘Assembly of Experts’ to select the new supreme leader.

In view of Khamenei’s age, the importance of the ‘Assembly of Experts’ has increased. About 15,000 candidates are in the fray for membership of the country’s 290-member Parliament. The Parliament of Iran is formally known as the ‘Islamic Consultative Assembly’. The tenure of MPs is four years and five seats are reserved for Iran’s religious minorities. Under the law, Parliament exercises oversight over the executive branch, voting on treaties and handling other issues, but practically absolute power in Iran rests with its supreme leader.

There were widespread protests across the country against the mandatory wearing of hijab following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody in 2022. 500 people were killed in the action of security forces against this demonstration and more than 22,000 people were detained. In recent weeks many people have called for a boycott of the elections. These include jailed Nobel Peace Prize winner and women’s rights activist Nargis Mohammadi, who has termed these elections as a “sham”.

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