Thursday, 26 May 2022
WorldIran threatens to attack Israel if its security is threatened

Iran threatens to attack Israel if its security is threatened


Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Monday threatened to strike Israel’s “heart” if Tel Aviv made a move [merugikan] the slightest against Tehran.

Speaking at a military parade marking National Army Day, Raisi said if Iran’s security was threatened by arch-enemy Israel, its armed forces would retaliate harshly.

“Our message to Israel is that if you seek normalization of relations with countries in the region, you should know that the slightest movement is not hidden from our intelligence, security and military,” Raisi said at a parade attended by top military officials.

“And you should know that if you take the slightest action against Iran, the target of the Iranian armed forces is the heart of Israel,” he said.

During the ceremony, the Iranian military displayed various homemade weapons, drones and defense systems in parades around Tehran.

The Kaman-22, a long-range strategic drone belonging to the Iranian Air Force, which is capable of carrying various types of cargo with a flight duration of 24 hours, was shown for the first time at the event.

According to military officials, the device has an operational range of more than 3,000 km and is capable of flying up to 8,000 meters in the air.

A series of fighter jets belonging to the Iranian army also carried out aerial maneuvers on the occasion.

Raisi said Iran’s military had developed independence under pressure from US sanctions, and said it was in its “best condition” today.

This year’s National Army Day Parade comes weeks after Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claimed responsibility for the attack on what it claimed was Israel’s “strategic center” in Israel. Erbil in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

The attack was a ballistic missile strike in response to the killing of two IRGC members in an Israeli airstrike on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Israel criticized for a series of sabotage attacks on Iran’s main nuclear facilities and the assassination of a number of top Iranian nuclear scientists.

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