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Iranian politician: Not Iraq, but we hit the Turkish Armed Forces in Iraq

Conservative politician Mehdi Taib, brother of Hussein Taib, head of the intelligence organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), said Iran was behind the shelling of Turkish positions in Iraq.

In an audio recording published on the Iranian International Television website and on some social media accounts, Taib criticized Turkey’s military operations against terrorism in Syria and Iraq and pointed out that Iranian-linked elements were behind attacks on Turkish military forces in the region.

Taib, known for his closeness to Iranian leader Ali Khamenei, said: “Isn’t Idlib in Turkish hands? If we say leave here, it will leave tomorrow.”

In continuation of his speech, in response to a question from the audience: “But Iraq hit the Turkish Armed Forces,” Taib said: Not Iraq, but we hit.

Earlier, Taib accused Meisem Nili, the brother-in-law of Iranian President Ibrahim Reisi, of leaking an audio recording that included criticism of Iranian parliament speaker Mohammed Qalibaf.

Taib apologized to Nili after he reacted harshly to his words.

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