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Ireland – Tonga: the Greens send a message in this World Cup, the summary

23:15 – Ireland guaranteed to remain at the top of Group B

With this second offensive bonus in two days, the Sexton gang was full of confidence and points in Group B before the duel between South Africa and Romania.

  1. Ireland: 10 points
  2. South Africa: 4 points
  3. Scotland: 0 points
  4. Tonga: 0 points
  5. Romania: 0 points

23:05 – Ireland crushes Tonga (59-16)

For its second outing in this World Cup, the XV of Clover made short work of Tonga. The Furlong gang had already validated the offensive bonus, and took a big step towards victory at the break (31-13). Beirne, Doris, Hansen and Sexton had already found their way to the goal. Returning from the locker room, the Greens added four new tries through Lowe, Aki, author of a double, and Herring.

23:02 – Herring offers the final bouquet in this Ireland – Tonga (80th)

On a lost touch, the Irishman resisted his opponent to score another try.

22:57 – Aki is elected man of the match in this Ireland – Tonga!

Author of a double, the Irish center was omnipresent in this game.

22:56 – Irish songs increase in intensity! (75th)

The supporters of the XV du Trèfle are happy, and they make it known.

22:49 – Aki scores a double in this Ireland – Tonga (69th)

On a pass behind the back, the center surprises the opposing defense. It’s another try between the posts!

22:48 – Ireland monopolizes the ball (67th)

Tonga is in the process of lowering its flag. They suffered from the Irish waves, and were confined to their part of the camp.

22:43 – The Clover XV scores a new try in this Ireland – Tonga (64th)

On a game launch following a throw-in, Aki’s sharp run made the difference.

22:40 – The Sea Eagles are powerless (62nd)

The Tongans are valiant, but they tirelessly come up against the Irish defense.

22:35 – Lowe continues his team’s festival in this Ireland – Tonga (59th)

Behind an advancing maul, Murray opens the door for his winger! He scores strong.

22:31 – This Ireland – Tonga falls into a false rhythm (56th)

Ireland did the hardest part, and rotated its squad for the upcoming games.

22:28 – Herring is penalized! (53rd)

The left pillar scored, but he had crawled beforehand. Tonga escaped without any damage from this action.

22:26 – Ireland is threatening again (52nd)

Within five meters of Tonga, the Clover XV insists with the forwards.

22:22 – O’Mahony returns to the pitch

He served his ten minutes on the bench. Ireland have a penalty at the halfway line.

22:21 – Havili makes two big mistakes in this Ireland – Tonga (47th)

The opener cannot find the key on the penal key. Then he kicked the ball straight out of bounds. Ireland invests the Tongan camp.

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