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WorldIsrael and Hamas agree to exchange medicines for Gaza and Israeli hostages

Israel and Hamas agree to exchange medicines for Gaza and Israeli hostages

The Qatari Government announced this Tuesday that Israel and the Islamist group Hamas have reached an agreement for the entry of medicines for civilians in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the delivery of the necessary drugs for the Israeli hostages in the enclave.

The spokesman for the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Majed bin Mohamed al Ansari, announced in a statement “the success of a Qatari mediation in cooperation with the friendly Republic of France, in which an agreement was reached between Israel and Hamas, by which medicines will be delivered along with other humanitarian aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip, in the most affected and vulnerable areas.

In exchange, the spokesperson explained to the official Qatari news agency QNA, they will hand over “medications needed for Israeli captives in Gaza.”

These medicines and aid “will leave Doha tomorrow for the city of Al Arish” in Egypt aboard two planes of the Qatari Armed Forces, in preparation for transportation to the Gaza Stripaccording to Al Ansari.

Four days ago, the Israeli prime minister’s office announced that the warring parties They had reached an agreement for the delivery of medicines for the 136 Israeli hostages who remain captives in Gaza, but until today no date had been set for their arrival nor had Doha commented on the matter.

However, Qatar – the main mediator along with Egypt and the United States in the Gaza war – has not detailed how the delivery will proceed of medicines to the hostages.

During the release of the hostages in the truce at the end of November, it was the International Committee of the Red Cross, as a mediator, who was in charge of facilitating the process of departure of the captives from Gaza to Israel.

The dead in Gaza since the start of the conflict, on October 7, 2023, they touch 24,30070% of them children and women, and some 8,000 missing people are under the rubble of destroyed buildings, according to Gazan authorities, in a place of unprecedented devastation.

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