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WorldIsrael: Bennett survives Greek Defense Movement's Arab list

Israel: Bennett survives Greek Defense Movement’s Arab list

AA / Jerusalem / Zain Khalil

The Arab League voted unanimously against the Knesset’s defensive move, which seeks to maintain the governance of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s coalition government.

The unified Arab list, which is not a member of the coalition but has six seats in the Knesset, has been justified in maneuvering as a means of imposing sanctions on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to return to power.

After the vote, the Arab League unanimously agreed that it should not take the initiative that Netanyahu should have taken, at a very slow pace in the light of the interests of the Israeli Arab community.

Opposition parties led by Netanyahu did not present a defensive motion but did not seek the required 61 deputies in favor and 52 in favor, according to Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth.

** “Political instability does not exist

Bennett was able to expel the parties to the coalition to monitor the government unit in the context of a major crisis.

“Political instability is not enough for the state,” Bennett said at the opening of the Knesset’s’s’s session.

“We want to reassemble all our forces to keep the coalition afloat and not to take over,” he added.

After 11 months in office, Bennett’s coalition lost its parliamentary majority even though its nationalist right-wing party, Yamina, did not retaliate against several personalities.

For his part, Netanyahu made Bennett’s government responsible for Israel’s current political crisis.

“This faulty and abusive government is impossible to oppose in order to be instantaneous in the US administration’s policy of supporting Iran’s hegemony, even though it is impossible to fight terrorism “Hamas”, aurait-il declared as quoting The Times of Israel.

Bennett arrived in Israel in June 2021 as part of a coalition of two parties, including the Ra’am party, for a full 12 years of Netanyahu’s term.

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