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Israel engulfed in internal protests; Relatives of the hostages besieged the military headquarters and the Ministry of Defense

Tel Aviv: Even after 110 days of the war, internal protests are intensifying in Israel against the Netanyahu government, which has not been able to release even a single hostage. A massive protest took place in front of the army headquarters and the defense ministry yesterday. The fact that the Israeli army was unable to free any of the remaining hostages, except for the 105 hostages released by Hamas, has shaken the government as a whole.

Hundreds of protesters blocked the main highway in Te’aviv, demanding the immediate release of their loved ones at any cost. Families of the hostages and their supporters took to the streets, accusing Netanyahu and his administration of doing nothing to ensure the safe return of their loved ones.

Demonstrators outside the Israeli army and defense ministry headquarters were removed from the Ayalon highway by Israeli police. About 5,000 protesters gathered at the Kaplan Interchange in Tel Aviv. Hundreds of people also demonstrated on King George Street in Jerusalem on Wednesday evening.

Many women’s organizations also took to the streets with the slogan ‘Our sisters are held captive, women are taking to the streets’. Protesters blocked traffic on several roads across the country, demanding an immediate deal to free hostages in Gaza. More than 10 police vehicles and dozens of officers removed the protesters at the Karkur junction in northern Israel. About 100 protesters blockaded the Dizengoff, King George Junction and Gillot Junction roads in Tel Aviv.

253 people, including Israeli soldiers, were taken hostage by Hamas in the Tufan al-Aqsa operation conducted by Hamas on October 7. After this, Israel announced that it would completely destroy Hamas and release the hostages in Gaza. However, despite the massacre of more than 25,000 Palestinians, including more than 11,000 children, Israel has not been able to find even one of the hostages.

In late November, Hamas released 105 civilian hostages during a week-long ceasefire brokered by Qatar. Later, the bodies of eight hostages were recovered. The three hostages were accidentally killed by the Israeli army itself. The IDF also confirmed that 28 hostages held by Hamas were killed in the Israeli-led war. It is reported that 132 hostages including their bodies are still in Gaza.

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Meanwhile, negotiations are underway in the U.S. to implement a month-long cease-fire that would see Israeli hostages released by Hamas and Palestinian prisoners by Israel. In addition to White House spokesman McGurk, representatives of Qatar and Egypt are also involved in the rush. Apart from the ceasefire, this will also include the delivery of more aid.

However, Hamas does not agree to a one-month ceasefire. Hamas is demanding a permanent end to the war and the release of all Palestinian prisoners. Elon Levy, Israel’s spokesman, said that any system that Hamas continues in Gaza will no longer accept the deportation of six prominent Hamas leaders. The US also reiterated the same position. However, Hamas openly stated that this will not happen. Hamas also stated that they will decide the governance of the Palestinians themselves.

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