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IndiaIsrael Gaza war: Five people died after the aid box dropped from...

Israel Gaza war: Five people died after the aid box dropped from the plane fell on them leader

Rafa : News Agency While it was time to die without food, five Palestinians lost their lives when an aid box dropped from an Israeli Gaza war plane fell on them. Ten people were injured in this incident.

After Israel’s invasion, the Palestinians in Gaza have become extremely destitute, and as the situation of starvation has arisen there, the United States and Jordan have started providing food aid by air. Israel Gaza war These planes come to Gaza and drop aid boxes with parachutes. Aid planes arrived at the Al Shati refugee camp on Friday and dropped hundreds of boxes. Hundreds of people rushed to get this box. Some of the boxes’ parachutes never opened; As a result, the box fell on the body, killing 5 people and injuring 10 people.

• Fractured situation in Gaza Israel Gaza war
As soon as the plane was seen, hundreds of people ran to get help
10 seriously injured; Incident occurred due to technical error

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