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Israeli Army Attacks Al-Nasser Hospital in Gaza, a Number of Medical Staff Arrested


Gaza’s Health Ministry said the Israeli army had arrested a large number of workers at Al-Nasser Hospital. The medical staff were arrested while carrying out professional humanitarian duties in treating injured and sick victims.

Reported Al JazeeraSunday (18/2/2024), the Israeli army has surrounded the facility for weeks, isolating thousands of patients, medical staff and refugee families, many of whom are still trapped inside.

Israel’s attack on Al-Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis in the Southern Gaza Strip has led to the deaths of at least five patients after power went out and oxygen supplies were cut off, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.



The hospital is currently the largest functioning medical facility in Gaza and has been under Israeli siege for weeks.

“We hold the Israeli occupation forces responsible for the lives of patients and staff, considering that the complex is now under their full control,” the ministry said.

In a statement on Telegram, they added that two women gave birth in inhumane conditions and Israeli soldiers forced the women and children to leave the maternity unit without any belongings.

Medecins Sans Frontieres or MSF said its staff were also forced to flee as a result of the attack.

“Israeli forces set up checkpoints for people as they left the compound, and one of our colleagues was arrested at this checkpoint. We call on him to safeguard his safety and protect his dignity,” MSF added.


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