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WorldIsraeli minister wants Gaza to be given to Jewish settlers

Israeli minister wants Gaza to be given to Jewish settlers

Tel Aviv: Israel continues genocide by killing fourteen thousand people As the protests against Neta grew stronger, Neta raised the urgent need Member of the Nyahu Cabinet. With the end of the war, the Gaza Strip returned to Jewish settlers. Millions of Palestinians living here Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel said that they should be forced to flee. Smotrich demanded.

“We have to control the area to ensure security. Civilia to maintain long-term military control over the region There should be presence” – the minister said in the radio interview. The Netanyahu government has technically been working on similar projects. The same is required before several members of the Cabinet, even if they are not qualified. He had come to the scene with Wu.

23 million Palestinians in Gaza will be taken in by neighboring countries. Create a buffer zone in Egypt’s Sinai desert and live there The plan for Tukayo was also coming out earlier. However, it is acceptable to deport people in violation of international laws. Egypt and Jordan have also declared that they will not.

Israel’s 1967 occupation of Gaza and the expansion of the remnants of the settlement In 2005, after the pressures, the migrants were repatriated and completed. was given to the Palestinians. Israel retains full control of Gaza even if settlement is allowed was placed in All Jews in the Occupied Land of Palestine under international law Immigration is also illegal.

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