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Tech“It would be a stab”: Layda Sansores thunders against Ignacio Mier for...

“It would be a stab”: Layda Sansores thunders against Ignacio Mier for supporting “Alito”

MEXICO CITY (apro).- Layda Sansores, Morenoist governor of Campeche, accused the coordinator of her party in the Chamber of Deputies, Ignacio Mier Velazco, of taking a “stab” at Campeche by urging that the PRI national leader Alejandro “Alito ” Moreno is the new president of the Board of Directors in San Lázaro.

“This is not valid, it is directly against Campeche, that is how we feel, for us it is a stab, for you it is just a political move,” accused Sansores on his weekly program Martes del Jaguar, in which he has broadcast numerous leaked conversations from Moreno. , who was his predecessor in the governorship of Campeche.

“Today I find out that there is disagreement in the corridors (of the Chamber) among my fellow deputies who are demanding that they vote so that the next president of the Chamber of Deputies in the month of September is someone from the PRI, who would have to to the PRI, because they take turns, but they want it to be Alito Moreno,” Sansores accused.

“Then of course, that is not possible. It would totally be a stab. For him it is a political move. I don’t know what he’s looking for. But Ignacio, this is not valid,” she pointed out.

The governor questioned the Morenista coordinator for “empowering” the also member of the tricolor bench just in the year that there will be elections.

“You are going to empower him, but also for a year when the elections are… There is no longer money in the PRI, because there is no PRI anymore, and they no longer have anywhere to get it from, but in the Chamber of Deputies there is a lot of money that cannot be supervises,” he warned.

“He resurrects it from the ashes, what is that? It just can’t be. I think we have already reached the limit,” considered Layda Sansores.

He insisted in his call to the Morenoist coordinator: “not to hurt us that way.”

He wondered “what potions the national PRI leader gives them to drink” “that everyone falls at his feet.”

And he remarked: “Ignacio, it is a shame to see you kissing this man’s feet. What did he give you? Is he giving you advance money for your campaign? Because we know that he wants to be a candidate for the government of his state. But not like that.

“Do you have a boss, I ask you Ignacio, who is giving you instructions, a boss who tells you what you have to do? Are there prior commitments? What do they owe Alejandro? Tell me why this is not normal, this already smells to me… it stinks,” he insisted on his program.

Response from Ignacio Mier

The still president of the Political Coordination Board responded to Sansores from his social networks.

Mier clarified that the PRI can propose whoever it likes because the law allows it, but “our majority needs to endorse it,” he said.

“Dear and dear @LaydaSansores, I understand your feelings. “You are an experienced person and you know that politics is not made by comments in the hallways,” the legislator told the Morenoist president.

“The PRI can propose whoever it wants, the law allows it; As I have said publicly, our majority needs to endorse it.

“I suggest that we take care of the unity of our movement and that each of us, from our responsibilities, demonstrate congruence and consistency,” said the parliamentary coordinator.

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