Thursday, 21 September 2023
WorldIU asks that Congress spokespersons rotate to guarantee the "diversity" of Sumar

IU asks that Congress spokespersons rotate to guarantee the “diversity” of Sumar

Izquierda Unida has proposed a model of “proportional rotation” in the spokespersons of the Congress of Addthat guarantees “the diversity of the group” and the “comfort” of all the parties that make it up, once it has been known this Monday that they are not represented, nor are Podemos nor Más País.

“There are always margins to narrow down, continue working on the proposals. We have proposed that there could be a model for a certain rotation in a proportional manner, which guarantees the diversity of the group (…) We are in a position to work”, he highlighted in a round table press the federal spokeswoman for United LeftSira Rego.

Rego has influenced the idea that from IU they believe that this distribution “may be transitory”, in which in addition to Sumar the commons will be represented, commitment and Chunta in the group’s spokespersons, and that representing the diversity and “richness” of this political space “is complex.”

“We believe that work can continue in a normalized way so that the entire political space feels comfortable,” the spokesperson stressed.

About this deal, sira rego He has said that the question of the plurinational axis and territorial diversity has been followed, although he has remarked that there are “a series of singularities” and other variables that are “important” to guarantee, such as the question of the social state and rights.

That is why he has stated that IU has “its proposal” and that there may be a rotation that guarantees the all-match comfort with representation in Sumar.

Sumar spokespersons

This Monday the Sumar spokespersons were closed and the parliamentary group was made up of Yolanda Diaz as the president, while Martha Lois occupies the spokesperson. As first deputy spokesperson she has been appointed Aina Vidal, of the commons; and Agueda Micófrom Compromís, as second deputy spokesperson.

The third deputy spokesperson is occupied by the deputy of the Aragonese Chunta Jorge Pueyowhile the former leader of Podemos Txema Pebble He is in charge of the General Secretariat of the group.

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