Tuesday, 26 September 2023
EntertainmentIU Not Proven to Plagiarize, Police Report Canceled

IU Not Proven to Plagiarize, Police Report Canceled


This past May, a police report was made to the Gangnam Police Station directed against IU. In the report, IU was accused of plagiarizing six songs including The Red Shoes, Good Day, BBIBBI, Pitiful, Boo, and Celebrity. After these accusations were made, EDAM Entertainment management conducted an investigation and proved that their artist did not do what was alleged.

Since the allegations first emerged, EDAM admitted that it had communicated with the songwriters. EDAM also explained that since the allegations emerged until last month the investigation process had continued. So that if it is later proven that the accusation is false, they will hold them accountable for the accusation.

On Monday (4/9/2023), EDAM Entertainment returned to provide the latest news regarding this matter. In their official statement, they emphasized that IU was absolutely not proven to have committed an act of plagiarism. Therefore, the police report was officially cancelled.

Management together with their legal representatives are convinced that the accusations directed at IU are baseless. Therefore, the legal process should not continue and be stopped immediately.

“Finally, the investigation team in this case decided to cancel all charges against our artist on August 24, because no crime had been committed, and we received the results of the investigation on August 30,” management wrote in their official statement.

It also explained the reasons why IU could not be legally prosecuted and for plagiarism cases. Namely because IU did not actively participate in creating the music for the songs which were called plagiarism.

“A person can be said to have committed copyright infringement if he creates a work that is substantially similar to someone else’s existing work and did so without permission. However, IU never participated in composing the accused song. The accuser does not really understand the Copyright Law or even “In fact, he knew about the law, he chose to make a police report just to tarnish our artist’s name,” continued the management.

Even though the report addressed to IU has been discontinued, EDAM Entertainment will continue to look for the person who started this plagiarism issue. The reason is, this issue has had a bad impact on the image of their artist so that it must be dealt with firmly.

Management also asked fans for help if they had evidence or knew something about the upload that accused IU of plagiarism some time ago. They provide a special email to report this.


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