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WorldJalisco Group, major absentee in the Citizen Movement plenary session

Jalisco Group, major absentee in the Citizen Movement plenary session

With the absence of nine of the 12 legislators of the so-called Jalisco Group that make up both benches of the Citizen Movement in the Congress of the Union and the Dante Delgado’s rejection that there are problems but only “heated discussions”, The parliamentary plenary session of the orange party began.

At the Hacienda de Los Morales in Mexico City, the private conclave began to define the legislative agenda, after the breakup of the governor of Jalisco, with the MC leadership headed by Dante Delgado, due to the latter’s refusal to support the eventual opposition candidacy of Xóchitl Gálvez.

Of the 12 legislators of the so-called Jalisco Group or loyal to Governor Alfaro, Only the coordinator of the senators, Clemente Castañeda, the president of the National Council of MC, Verónica Delgadillo and the vice coordinator in San Lázaro, Mirza Flores, attended.

Dante Delgado rejects problems in MC

Dante Delgado, upon arriving at the meeting, said in an interview that “there are no problems within the party, I don’t see them, there is no problem, if someone imagines that there are problems, I respect their point of view, but there is absolutely no problem … heated views is something else, but there are no problems here.”

Questioned about Enrique Alfaro’s statements to the effect that he will never again be under the orders of “party bureaucrats,” Dante Delgado declined to respond, arguing that there are those who believe that politics is done with statements, and that he thinks it is done with actions. .

“I am not making any appeal – to the Jalisco Group – the governor has already made his decision and I said publicly that I respect it. In the parliamentary group we are going to continue as we do every year and prior to the sessions,” he explained.

“The truth is there are no disagreements, in Movimiento Ciudadano the position has been maintained that it is an option that the country needed, and in the second we are endorsing that it is “a decision of the highest body of the citizen movement, which is the national democratic convention, which determined to participate directly on the side of the citizens, not on the side of the traditional parties,” express.

For his part, Clemente Castañeda explained in an interview that everyone who makes up the Citizen Movement wants to continue working as a team and unity in building a better country.

“From Jalisco, Governor Enrique Alfaro is making an energetic claim to be heard, and that is valid and legitimate. There have always been differences and we have always known how to process them,” he noted.


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