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WorldJapan Airlines Burns After Crash, 379 Passengers-Crew Evacuated

Japan Airlines Burns After Crash, 379 Passengers-Crew Evacuated


A Japan Airlines plane caught fire on the runway at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, after a collision with a plane belonging to the Japanese Coast Guard. Luckily, all passengers and crew on the plane had been evacuated before the flames engulfed the entire fuselage.

As reported Reuters And The Japan TimesTuesday (2/1/2024), the airline reported that a total of 379 passengers and crew were successfully evacuated from the burning plane on the airport runway.

A total of 367 passengers and 12 crew members on board the Japan Airlines plane were all evacuated before the fire spread. However, it is not clear whether anyone was injured in the incident.



Japan’s leading television show, NHKshows the passenger plane catching fire as it skids on the runway and firefighters feverishly trying to put out the flames.

A Japan Airlines spokesperson said the passenger plane took off from Shin-Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, before landing at Haneda Airport.

According to the Japanese Coast Guard, one of its planes from its base in Haneda collided with a passenger plane belonging to Japan Airlines. It is unknown the type of aircraft and the number of people on board the Japanese Coast Guard aircraft.

Report NHK said the collision occurred after the Japan Airlines plane landed on runway C at Haneda Airport.

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