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WorldJapan imposes embargo on high-tech equipment destined for Russia

Japan imposes embargo on high-tech equipment destined for Russia

AA / Ankara

Japan has been banned from exporting high-tech products to Russia for more than 20 months, with sanctions also being imposed on Russia for plotting to overthrow Ukraine.

The list of trademarks for export to Russia is currently being distributed in a communication published by the Japanese Minister of Economy, Commerce and Industry on its Internet site.

“In light of the current international situation in Ukraine, not only does it contribute to international efforts to address the problem, but also to resolve the issue of the governing body within 10 months, intervening. ‘export of high-tech biennials to Russia (computers, 3D printers) “, precise communication.

The new sanctions carry over 14 products, including 3D printing equipment, quantitative computer equipment, electron microscopes and catalysts for refining oil, according to the Russian press agency TASS.

Japan has joined the ranks of Western powers that have imposed a series of economic sanctions on Russia and Belarus, including among Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarussian President Alexandre Loukachenko.

The sole of the solenoid levnates the Russian banks of the Swift interbank network, and thus affixes their commercial switches and their transfer of funds.

On February 24, Russia turned its back on Ukraine, which has witnessed international reactions and the imposition of “sovereign” economic and financial sanctions on Moscow.

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