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Jessica Iskandar Isn’t Good at Doing Homework, But She’s Good at This One Thing


Jessica Iskandar admits that she is not good at household chores, such as washing dishes, ironing, sweeping, and even using the washing machine. However, Jessica Iskandar does not need to doubt her duties as a mother.

However, he is grateful that Vincent Verhaag accepts all his shortcomings. For example, during the Eid al-Fitr and being left by the household member, Jessica Iskandar admitted that she had difficulties and Vincent Verhaag did not hesitate to help her with household chores.

“(Washing the dishes) No (can’t) already have Ma’am. Like this, there are also moments when our household members return (during the village) Eid is for work, but that means my husband contributes a lot,” said Jessica Iskandar when met at Studio Pagi Pagi Ambyar Trans TV, on Thursday (31/8/2023).

It’s not completely impossible, Jessica Iskandar admits that she needs more explanation before doing the job. Jessica Iskandar admits that she is not very diligent.

“Incidentally, for business like that, I can’t iron clothes and wash clothes using a washing machine. So I don’t know, so I have to be taught first. So if that’s the case, I’m not painstaking,” said Jessica Iskandar.

“You can hold it but you can’t use it. No (insecure), yes, we are plus and minus ourselves,” he said smiling.

Jessica Iskandar feels more able to care for her children. To take care of her two children, Jessica Iskandar is confident that she can do it well.

“I prefer to take care of children. Anyway, I prefer to be rich in motherhood. If I’m rich in household affairs, I’m a bit lacking,” he said.

Even though she can’t sweep, wash dishes and even iron Jessica Iskandar, she admits that her husband has never complained about her. Vincent knew from the start that he wasn’t very good at doing household chores.

“No, no, my husband already knew how come I couldn’t from the start. I told him from the start that if you expect something like that, I’m not the person,” he added.

“That’s why I got a husband who can accept me, not complain a lot. If you have a lot of complaints you won’t be able to, fortunately Vincent already knew from the start I told you that you expect me to be at home and clean, wash and iron, not me. ,” he concluded.

Even though she is not good at household chores, Jessica Iskandar emphasized that she never forgets to serve all of her husband’s needs.

“As for my husband, I take care of it starting from morning coffee, eating, I prepare everything. After eating, I clean up from the dining table, like I need any clothes, if it’s like cleaning, I’m not preparing,” said Jessica Iskandar.

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