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Jessica Mila Supports Yakup Hasibuan in Opening a Free Online Legal Application Startup


After marrying lawyer and businessman Yakup Hasibuan, artist Jessica Mila admitted that she had become more literate about the law. Recently, Jessica Mila has also been supporting her husband who is building a free online legal consultation startup.

“It’s getting more and more (like it or not), I want to. Yes, it’s true, all this time I’ve been confused about where to look for law because there are people in my group who lecture about law but don’t talk about law. Not just about that, so yes, there’s a lot of chat and share. work (law with Yakup),” said Jessica Mila when met by the Perqara release in the SCBD area, South Jakarta, yesterday.

Jessica also admitted that she really supports her husband’s startup project. In fact, she did not hesitate to give input to Yakup even though her husband had developed an application called Perqara several years ago.



“Sometimes, yes, it’s just that you’ve actually been working on this application since before you knew me. It’s just that usually there are several things that are discussed with my husband. Sometimes I just listen to stories because I don’t really understand,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Yakup admitted that he was grateful because his wife and family supported him in building the Perqara application. Yakup hopes that the application he has built can help ordinary people by digitizing legal consultations.

“I am grateful that my wife and family are very supportive. Hopefully this application will be a solution for all the legal needs of the wider community. Free legal consultations are the first step in many other legal services that will be digitized,” explained Yakup Hasibuan on the same occasion.

Apart from that, why Yakup founded the world’s first free online legal consultation application started from his concerns, because currently many ordinary people do not get justice due to the lack of legal consultation due to many obstacles. Apart from that, he wants to digitalize the world of law in Indonesia.

“The various features of the Perqara application are designed to make online legal consultations feel real-time, starting from the file and document sending feature to the direct consultation system which means users don’t need to make an appointment with an advocate. Just download Perqara, register, fill in your biodata, and select an advocate. “I myself will also provide legal consultations, free of charge,” added Yakup Hasibuan.

Furthermore, Yakup explained that Perqara users can not only consult in general with more than hundreds of advocates spread across Indonesia. But you can also choose a lawyer with expertise according to the type of legal problem being faced, such as criminal, general civil, employment, land and inheritance.

“This free consultation is the first step in many other legal services that will be digitized. The hope is that this can be a solution for all the legal needs of the wider community,” concluded the son of lawyer Otto Hasibuan.

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