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WorldJordan Bardella's "commando" for the Europeans, a young and tight team

Jordan Bardella’s “commando” for the Europeans, a young and tight team

The young hopeful of the far-right, head of the list in the European elections for the second time, is preparing for the deadline surrounded by a team of thirty-somethings.

The “beautiful face” of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella, is once again the head of the party’s list in the European elections which will take place in June. His meteoric rise made it possible to once again mobilize the young activists of this aging party. As the election deadline approaches, Jordan Bardella, 31, has surrounded himself with a tight, young team, most of whom are not yet in their thirties. “We are in commando mode”, assured a member to the magazine the Expressready to classify his conversations as “defense secrets”.

There are then, around the MEP, his two faithful parliamentary assistants, François Paradol and Donatien Véret, but also new faces, reports L’Express. His chief of staff, Arthur Perrier, rubbed shoulders with Éric Zemmour at the age of 22, before joining the Bardella cause. Alexandre Loubet, with whom Bardella shared evenings in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, according to Express, became his campaign director. At 30, he joined Marine Le Pen after the 2017 presidential election and has since been elected RN deputy in Moselle. The same goes for his press advisor, Victor Chabert, 26, former journalist at Europe 1, he joined the party after the 2022 presidential election.

Outside the official cabinet, the president of the RN continues to benefit from the expert view of Pierre-Romain Thionnet, former secretary general of the identity union La Cocarde and head of the RNJ, the party’s youth movement and his MEP colleague, Mathilde Androuët , is part of the early gang, that of the militant evenings, which evolved in the party’s organizational chart.

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