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Jordi Hereu: “We are going to lead the development of artificial intelligence for Spain’s great reindustrialization strategy”

The Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu, explained this Thursday that the Government will “lead the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) for the great strategy of reindustrialization of Spain”, during the ‘Artificial Intelligence Day : impact, challenges and trends’ held by in Madrid.

Hereu has highlighted that his Ministry is working to “better take advantage of the possibilities of AI, with the aim of boosting the competitiveness of the industrial sector within the field of sustainability.” In this sense, he recalled that the industry is “immersed in a new technological revolution, where AI is already considered the fifth revolution, because its impact is going to be much greater than that of the Internet. All these changes are intertwined with the consequences of climate change and the changes necessary in the industry for the activity to be sustainable.”

The minister has highlighted that in this reindustrialization strategy that the Government is carrying out, it is intended that “the essential components, the hard part, are produced in Spain and Europe. In this way, we will guarantee these essential supplies and continue with the objective of strategic autonomy, which we already discovered as a fundamental fact during the pandemic.”

As an example of the path towards strategic autonomy, Hereu has pointed to the PERTEs, both that of the electric and connected vehicle, and that of the Chip, Microelectronics and Semiconductors. In this sense, the minister has announced that the PERTE Chip projects previously selected by the European Union through an IPCEI are already being evaluated “and that, in the coming weeks, the verification commission will be established that will approve the provisional resolutions of this call for aid, endowed with 125 million euros.”

Furthermore, Hereu added that this year there will be a second call for this PERTE, with an additional 200 million euros in subsidies, in an open call.

Regarding Tourism, Hereu commented that the Ministry, thanks to the Next Generation Funds, has “invested more than 300 million euros in the digitalization of the tourism sector through initiatives such as the creation of the Smart Destinations Platform or the aid from the “Last Mile” Program aimed at companies, preferably SMEs, and associations or associative entities for the development of innovative technology-based projects.

The minister has pointed out that Spain is prepared to face the technological challenge since “it has made an unprecedented leap in the technological field and has entered the top 10 most powerful supercomputers in the world and the top 3 in Europe. The Marenostrum 51 supercomputer allows us to promote, from Barcelona, ​​Artificial Intelligence and quantum computing thanks to technology developed at European level. An achievement resulting from the collaboration of people, companies and public institutions, with 65% of its financing coming from European funds.”

Finally, Hereu has also expressed his “concern about how the benefits of the enormous increase in productivity are distributed without leaving anyone behind.” In this sense, he recalled that Europe has been the first to develop legislation on AI. “We are aware of the challenges, it is necessary that progress and innovation go hand in hand with ethics and the protection of rights. This process must be governed with rules. It is no coincidence that the first legal texts around AI were proposed in Europe.”

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