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Jorge Vilda, about Jenni Hermoso’s false statements: “What Jenni says will be her truth”

One of the most controversial aspects of what happened after Luis Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso without consent at the Women’s World Cup medal ceremony is that, the next day, the EFE Agency echoed some alleged statements by the footballer sent by the RFEF in which she downplayed the matter.

However, a few days later, the national team player herself reported that she did not utter those words. Jorge Vilda has been asked (up to two times) about these false statements by Jenni Hermoso in his interview in the SER Chain.

The one who until this Tuesday was the national women’s soccer coach, initially said in this regard that “I am a coach, I line up the players, but the issue of communications is not the job of the coach, that is what the presidential office is for and This communication is not a function of the coach.”

When asked if he was surprised to learn that they were not the player’s statements, Vilda said that “I have disconnected a lot and I can’t tell you about this topic because I don’t know.”

Faced with this disconnection from the technician, the interviewer confirmed that it was Hermoso who had stated that the words sent as his did not come out of his mouth. Already having that certainty, Jorge Vilda has indicated that “I cannot enter there” and has indicated that “everyone is older, Jenni is 33 years old and knows what she says and what she does not say, I imagine”.

When asked again about the same question, leaving those words in doubt in the interviewer, Vilda stated: “The answer is very clear, I was not aware of this and what Jenni says will be her truth.”

Before ruling on this controversy over Jenni Hermoso’s false statements, the former national coach made reference to his good relationship with the player: “I’ve known her for sixteen years, since she was a child. I have seen her become a woman and a world reference. I know that she is having a hard time and so is her family. She is waiting for everything to happen. I have not talked to her. I have disconnected from the phone. I can only say that she has helped me a lot and I have done my best so that things go well for her too”.

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