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Juicy Luicy So Sad at WJF 2023


As if he had conspired with the universe, the sun returned to the spotlight. Juicy Luicy takes the stage. Bursts of sound from the saxophone and the lyrics read ‘who is he, smiling in the background?’ reverberated and sung.

The heat of the sun, which had been all over my body since morning, was replaced by a shady skylight. Everything is blue complemented by a gentle cool breeze.

Juicy Luicy fulfilled her promise to celebrate heartbreak with the people of West Java at the West Java Festival (WJF) 2023, Sunday (3/9/2023). Their painful verses forced the audience at the Siliwangi Stadium to express all their hearts through singing.

Repeatedly caught on camera, the audience patted their chests, occasionally pointing at the camera and the air. The expression on his face is very serious singing Responsibility, Too High and Damn.

“Which single is single? Single but kisses, is there anyone? Is there anyone who has been single for more than two years?” said vocalist Uan from the stage.

Spectators in the central area and around the stands responded by exclaiming. “This is a song for singles who have to be slapped with reality,” continued Uan, opening the song Slap.

A giant LED screen in the middle of the stage provided the visual of rain. Meanwhile, on the right and left, various expressions and conditions are recorded in black and white.

“You guys are upset, for God’s sake,” said Uan again and it wasn’t entirely wrong to see this reaction.

Uan gave his speech again. Not happier than before, because this time he was trying to represent those who suddenly disappeared into thin air.

“Someone was close, then suddenly disappeared? This is for those who used to often ask what was going on, and now there’s nothing,” he said.

Juicy Luicy performing at WJF 2023. Photo: Rachman Haryanto/detikFoto

Foreign songs made the afternoon atmosphere at WJF 2023 even more sad and melancholy. The gloomy lyrics of the song also radiate from the sky which is slowly losing blue to black.

The next songs, Orange Rose, Unfortunately and Without Haste are also equally sad. Until the ending, Then, Juicy Luicy’s heartbreaking questions finally ended.

If in the area inside the Siliwangi Stadium the audience was busy cleaning up after Juicy Luicy, outside, people kept coming. As the night wore on, there were no signs of the queues slowing down.

After Juicy Luicy, WJF 2023 will take a short break. Before tonight, it will sound again, entertained by The Changcuters, Wika Salim and also Feel Koplo.

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