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WorldJulia Ormond sues Harvey Weinstein for 1995 sexual assault

Julia Ormond sues Harvey Weinstein for 1995 sexual assault

British actress Julia Ormond sued T on Wednesdayhe Walt Disney Companyto the talent company CAA, to the production company Miramax and Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault supposedly perpetuated by the former producer in 1995.

In the lawsuit filed with the New York Supreme Court, Ormond alleges that Weinstein, currently in prison, abused her after a work dinner and ensures that CAA and Disney – owners of Miramax – knew the producer’s behavior and they did nothing to protect her.

In the legal document obtained by the specialized media Varietythe actress of Passion legends either The First Knight describes that Weinstein seduced her into giving him a massage, climbed on top of her, masturbated her and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

According to his story, Ormond informed his then agents Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane – today co-presidents of CAA – about what had happened with the producer of Pulp Fictionamong other great hits, and They warned him not to speak and protected him.

Neither Lourd nor Huvane appear as defendantsbut they are mentioned repeatedly throughout the lawsuit as Ormond’s representatives at the time.

Ormond sues CAA, one of Hollywood’s biggest talent agenciesfor negligence and breach of fiduciary duty, and accuses Miramax, a company founded by Weinstein that acquired Disney in the 1990s, of negligent supervision and retention.

That last term refers to the fact of keeping an employee despite the company being aware of the potential harm it may cause to others.

Weinstein, 71, is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence for sexual assault in New York.and in February he was sentenced to 16 more years in Los Angeles.

Even though the alleged assault happened almost 30 years ago, Ormond is able to take legal action thanks to the Adult Survivors Actwhich New York approved in 2022 as a result of the movement #MeToo.

The wave of accusations against Weinstein began in 2015when some actresses began to raise their voices about their abuse.

But Weinstein did not see his career collapse until October 2017when The New York Times and days later the magazine The New Yorker They uncovered a history of sexual harassment perpetuated by the producer for decades.

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