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EntertainmentKarina Ranau is there for Epy Kusnandar

Karina Ranau is there for Epy Kusnandar


After Epy Kusnandar was arrested for a drug case, the appearance of his wife, Karina Ranau, continued to be questioned. The family has visited Epy Kusnandar at the West Jakarta Police Station where he is being held, but Karina Ranau has not been seen. Until finally Monday (13/5/2024), the wife of the actor playing Sherina’s Adventure was seen visiting her husband.

As if she didn’t want to be the center of attention, Karina Ranau visited the West Jakarta Police Station with her face covered in a mask, glasses and hat. Few of the expressions of the comedian and actor’s wife were caught by journalists’ cameras. Karina Ranau also did not speak at all when asked about the case that befell her husband.

Epy Kusnandar’s wife did not come alone to the West Jakarta Police, but was accompanied by two relatives. The three of them went straight into the police station without paying attention to the crowd of journalists who had been waiting for him to speak since morning.



Previously, Karina had opened her voice about her husband. This is related to uploads on Epy Kusnandar’s Instagram account. As a result of the account remaining active in the midst of this drug case, many people gave bad judgment and prejudice to her husband. Until Karina Ranau explained that the account was held by her.

Karina Ranau visited the West Jakarta Police. Photo: 20Seconds

“Epy Kusnandar’s Instagram account, I hold it. So for those whose minds are always confused, busy with themselves, angry, noisy, and haters by millions of people (how can you be detained but playing with your cellphone)? My husband doesn’t have his cellphone “until now. So there is no special treatment, it’s the same as other humans. Hopefully you understand, my brothers and sisters,” wrote Karina Ranau.

Before his wife arrived at the police station, the West Jakarta Police explained that Epy Kusnandar’s family was ready to accompany her during the investigation process. This is what Inspector R Alfa Hendy SIK said, Head of Unit 3 Narcotics Unit, West Jakarta Metro Police.

Even so, Alfa Hendy did not mention which family members came. However, it has been confirmed that Epy Kusnandar was accompanied by his family after being arrested for drugs.

“There is a family visiting,” said Alfa Hendy at the West Jakarta Metro Police, Saturday (11/5/2024).

Preman Pensiun actor Epy Kusnandar was arrested by the police on suspicion of abusing marijuana. The police confirmed this arrest on Friday (10/5/2024). Until now the case has not been officially released.

“Yes, that’s right, the person concerned was arrested for drug abuse,” said Police Commissioner M Syahduddi when contacted by telephone towards the end of last week.


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