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Karine Le Marchand’s daughter follows a cannabis cessation protocol, the host is out of control

Karine Le Marchand wanted to set the record straight this Thursday, the day after her daughter was taken into police custody for driving under the influence of drugs…

Between public life and private life, the border is often tenuous, especially when it comes to the offspring of a figure as media-centric as Karine Le Marchand. The emblematic host of L’Amour est dans le pré was forced to react this Thursday following a media storm targeting her daughter, Alya, 21 years old. Starting point of his wrath: last night, Le Figaro published an article on its website revealing that the teenager had been taken into police custody following a traffic check carried out in the morning, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The reason: “driving under the influence of drugs”, a positive test for cannabis having been carried out.

It was not so much the offense that ignited the problem, but the way it was handled by the media, but also by the police. Karine Le Marchand today reacted vigorously to what she considers to be an injustice coupled with a malicious intrusion into her family life. In her diatribe, published on Instagram during the day, Karine Le Marchand first highlights the omnipresence of cannabis in French society, recalling that in 2021, half of the adult population admitted to having consumed this substance at least once in his life.

A “protocol” with “substitute candies”

Far from wanting to minimize her daughter’s use of cannabis, the host then highlights her approach to moving away from it, via a cessation protocol and the use of substitutes. Alya would have “just started a cannabis cessation protocol weeks ago, and eats cannabis substitute candies,” writes her mother. And added, as if to explain the police custody the day before: “Cannabis appears in tests even up to 70 days after its absorption. And even CBD can create positive tests”.

Karine Le Marchand also attacked malicious rumors, claiming that her daughter was driving without a license at the time of the events. Rumor that she describes as “a fantasy of the usual haters”. “It was 10 a.m. and she was going shopping at my request,” assures the host.

Already one arrest in 2020

This is not the first time that Karine Le Marchand’s daughter has been in the sights of rumors and the celebrity press. A complaint was filed by the host in 2020 against Mimi Marchand, an emblematic figure in this environment, for attempted extortion. According to Karine Le Marchand, after being arrested and questioned in Paris for some “adolescent stupidity”, Alya was approached on her way out by a paparazzi. Mimi Marchand then offered to deliver the photographs to him in exchange for payment.

After this new arrest, Karine Le Marchand reiterated her support for her daughter: “My Princess, I will defend you until I die. I love you madly, I am proud of what you are, of your pure kindness , your sensitivity and your intelligence,” she wrote on Instagram, highlighting the challenges of being 21 and, even more so, being the daughter of a celebrity.

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