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WorldKazakhstan wants to enter the European market through Turkey

Kazakhstan wants to enter the European market through Turkey

Kazakhstan sees Turkey as a transit country for food exports to Europe.

This opinion was expressed by the head of the Association of Exporters of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulmira Yusupova in an interview with the Anadolu agency.

According to her, after the events in Ukraine, the demand for Kazakh food products in Turkey increased.

“Turkey has a very well established trade with Europe. For us it is a gate, a guide to Europe. They have developed packaging activities, they pack Kazakh raw materials and then export them to Europe. Therefore, we do not consider the Turkish market as one country and one sales market. In fact, he absorbs a lot. Turkey re-exports to Europe and the Emirates,” the head of the association noted.

Yusupova stressed that due to geopolitical events in Ukraine, the demand for food has increased significantly.

“Europe was left without some products, and now a number of positions are being replaced by Turkish re-export from Kazakhstan,” she said.

The head of the association recalled that Turkey traditionally buys groceries from Kazakhstan – rice, buckwheat, beans, chickpeas, pasta.

In addition, according to her, there is a demand for meat products, sausages, but due to the fact that a veterinary certificate has not been agreed between the two countries, there is no way to close it in full.

“I think that the ministries of agriculture need to work in this direction, because the potential is great. Kazakh producers are famous for their sausages, stew and could sell more,” the expert believes.

In general, she stressed, working with the Turkish market is profitable and promising.

In early March, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov announced such figures – exports from Kazakhstan to Turkey in 2021 increased by 39 percent and amounted to about $3 billion. Such growth in the association was explained by the growth of oil and metal exports.

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